Friday, January 28, 2011

Wintery Warmth

   Ahhh, there's nothing like being buried knee-deep in snow to make one want to knit. Something of hearth and home enters the heart when you have a hot cup of tea, a cozy chair, and a soft strand of yarn twining its way through your fingers. The repetitive motion of yarn over, knit two together engenders a feeling of rightness and repose. The end-goal of the finished product lends excitement and anticipation. On a whole, knitting is fun, engaging, peaceful, even therapeutic. And the end-result is a one-of-a-kind product that you won't find anywhere else.

 I hope each person who visits here finds something to encourage you, inspire you, or simply add a bright spot to your busy day.




  1. Oh I love how you put the rhythmic motion of knitting into words!

    Love you!
    Your Sis :)

  2. Okay, call me a stalker but I believe your sis who posted above was my penpal when we were teenagers. (I followed the link to your blog from your facebook page, found you through your dad's page.) I am her penpal from BC, Canada (she'll know who I am) and we "met" through New Attitude Magazine. I came to visit your family in Portland when I was 16. I would really love to reconnect your sister. We were very close. My email is my user name at gmail. I'm the weirdo that tried to add you as a friend on Facebook, but it wouldn't let me send a message to explain myself.

  3. Yes I remember you! My sis talked about you so I know who you are. I had a pen pal from New Attitude myself. I'll let her know about you. Feel free to friend me again, now that I know who you are. :) I also recently changed my messaging preferences so strangers can message me. Sorry bout that!