Saturday, February 26, 2011

Felted Slippers

 I'm so excited to share--I have my first sale to a happy customer! My friend Erika commissioned me to make her a pair of warm slippers to keep her feet happy while walking around on her wood floors at home. And they came out just perfect! She called me today to let me know she received them.

 These slippers are knitted with an alpaca boucle yarn, then felted to make them nice and soft. The alpaca makes them warm, but not heavy at all; in fact they are light & airy. Once they are felted the crocheted flower accent is added to give them just a little distinction. 

 For any viewers who would like a pair to call their own, I'd be happy to custom-make you some as well. I can find you any color or color combination you'd like, and embellish (or not) however you wish. For example, if you'd like a ribbon accent instead of the flower, no problem. Or no decoration at all--simply au naturale. They can be funky, subdued, outrageous, elegant, or anything in between.

Email you'd like to call a pair your own, or use the "Buy Now" button below and include special instructions to the seller to tell me your color preferences. Also I will need your shoe size, as well as the measurement from heel to toe to make sure I get these just right during the felting process.

Shipping cost is $5.95. 


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